What's Inside?

Wondering what you'll get? We're on our first box, but once we've got a few boxes under our belt, we'll add some picture here!

Monthly Reflective Books

Every reader knows it: the books we love are precious because we see ourselves reflected in some part of the story. That's why we call our featured novels "reflective books".

Each month, subscribers will receive a reflective book, one that we've either read and know to be so or one who's synopsis makes it clear. We try to choose recent releases but if we chose an older book, we will let you know. Do expect a real, diverse story - we aim to choose great, hard-hitting novels that call into question what we think we know, teach us something new, or present a perspective we either haven't seen or are longing to see. 


Monthly Themes & Items

Each box subscribers receive will be themed. Such themes range from mental and physical health to sexuality to race/nationality and everything in between. Both the book and the 3-4 items in the box will conform to that theme.  

For example, a "Live in Color" themed box might include: (1) a copy of Tahereh Mafi's Furthermore, (2) an enchanted forest coloring book, (3) nail wraps from Tattify, (4) this gigantic swirl lollipop, (5) a custom print or bookmark, and (6) other bookish swag.

Interested? Know a bookworm who'd welcome a bookish package on their door step?